"There can be no purpose more inspiring than to begin the age of restoration, reweaving the wondrous diversity of life that still surrounds us."

E. O. Wilson

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  • A Simple Question: The Story of STRAW – is now finished and in distribution. The program won the prestigious Spirit of Activism Award at the 2010 Wild & Scenic Film Festival. - learn more
  • El Lobo Returns – chronicles the challenging restoration of the Mexican Wolf to its historic Southwest habitat - learn more
  • From the Ground Up – restoring one of California’s most sensitive ecosystems - learn more
  • Returning Home – restoring a colony of common murres to ancestral breeding grounds - learn more
  • Restoring Balance – ridding an island ecosystem of rats to restore flora and fauna - learn more

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Recent News

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Most of us realize that the earth's natural systems continue to decline at an alarming rate. The question is really what can we do about it? The environmentalist David Brower suggested a straightforward equation: CPR for Planet Earth - a reference to Conservation, Preservation, and Restoration. While the initiatives of conservation and preservation are relatively well established, less is understood about restoration - the effort of returning degraded ecosystems to a measure of their original, self-sustaining condition. For many, restoration represents a promising new arena of environmental stewardship.

How On Earth is a collection of media programs exploring the challenges and opportunities of ecosystem restoration across the country. From re-introducing the endangered Mexican Wolf to restoring sea birds to their ancestral home to re-planting native grasses in the heartland, the series features compelling stories of dedicated individuals combining innovative science, new partnerships, and hard work to help nature heal itself. The challenge: can we restore nature on a broad enough scale and with enough sustained impact in time to make a difference?

How On Earth is a vehicle for inquiry and catalyst for involvement in this promising environmental movement of restoration. From individual initiatives to community-driven efforts to large-scale public works projects, the series highlights the vision of species recovery and ecosystem regeneration that animates all of them. The How On Earth project focuses on producing compelling, relatively low-cost half-hour programs that leverage the myriad of digital distribution channels in addition to traditional broadcast venues such as public television to maximize impact.

How On Earth will contribute to a clearer vision of an environmentally-restored earth, and give the public a much needed vehicle for inquiry and participation into this burgeoning environmental movement.